Honey spiced milk

My sister and I aren’t huge fans of milk, but when we discovered this delectable winter recipe, we actually felt excited to drink this dairy delight. This easy rendition on a coffee shop classic — honey steamed milk — is so easy and so delicious that you’ll never want to have
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How to deal with nightmares

At UC Berkeley, we’re all much too familiar with the dreaded feeling of failing that next midterm or failing to convince the professor that we actually spent the minimum required 30 hours on a project that makes up a quarter of the final grade for the class. This is the nightmarish
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Eggless pancakes from scratch

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved pancakes — almost as much as I’ve loved making them. Over the past 10 years, finding pancake recipes and perfecting them to my family’s taste has become a true art. Although my family eats eggs, my mom prefers pancakes without them, so I
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Vitamina de abacate

Now that the semester has started, it seems like summer is finally over. We’re going back to school, back to work and back to single-serving frozen dinners. But even though colder weather is coming to us, for half the world the summer is just getting started. Let’s take a foray into
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turmeric latte

The real ‘gold’ in golden milk

For years, Indian homemakers have been offering their young ones a simple golden-hued drink, termed in Hindi as “haldi doodh.” This served as a simple technique to soothe even the harshest of throat aches, lessen body pain or aid in reducing fever. Today, cafes across the globe are taking this
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crema de orujo

Un cóctel español para el verano

Crema de orujo is a sweet cocktail with a soft quality that complements hot, Spanish summers nicely. A pomace brandy from northern Spain, Orujo is popular throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Many people in Spain experiment with different add-ins and recipes to add their own flairs and personalities to the standard liquor. Specifically, crema de
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Simple homemade cashew milk recipe

This homemade cashew milk recipe doesn’t require much — it’s simple and full of creamy goodness in each sip. What more could you want? The instructions are so easy to follow that this beverage can be made right in your own residence hall room. While this may not be real
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