A win for California’s poor

Although the state’s poorest have languished in recent years as California’s budget has been cut deeply, the State Legislature’s vote to increase the minimum wage to $10 by July 2016 is a serious sign of progress.
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All we need is a fighting chance

Right now, the city of Berkeley is considering an increase in its minimum wage. A higher minimum wage would help thousands of residents afford the city’s high costs of basic living necessities, like food and rent. It would also give our university’s students a fighting chance to pay for college.
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Raising minimum wage is obvious choice for Bay Area

Four years ago this week, we saw the federal minimum wage rise to a meager $7.25 an hour. The state minimum wage has been stuck at $8.00 for five years. For a full-time worker, this amounts to just $16,640 — far below the national poverty level for a family of
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Imagining a sane GOP

The Devil's Advocate

The Republican Party’s best possible argument against government intervention in the economy is that it has negative unintended consequences — in particular, that it harms the vulnerable. Of course, this isn’t usually the case — government programs, from Pell Grants to food stamps, have helped expand opportunity and lift millions
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