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Saudi university boosts rankings by aggressively recruiting world's top researchers

King Abdulaziz University, a little-known university in Saudi Arabia, ranks seventh in the world in mathematics, edging out other universities with reputable math departments. But their newfound prestige is a product of an aggressive recruitment program targeting some of the world’s top scientists.
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UC Berkeley tops multiple new university reputation rankings

If you managed to apply to Berkeley, go through CalSO and survive Welcome Week without hearing UC Berkeley is the “number-one public university in the entire world” at least 50 times, there’s something wrong. It’s our ultimate point of pride here at Cal, and for good reason. However, as revealed by a
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Chancellor Dirks did the ice bucket challenge and it was awesome

This weekend, our very own Chancellor Dirks dumped a bucket of ice on his head in response to a nomination by MIT president L. Rafael Reif to help raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Chancellor Dirks assured everyone that the whole affair would be done in an eco-friendly way — the water was to be recycled for gardening purposes. Check out the whole fabulous video below, complete with Chancellor Dirks’s awesome hair.
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