An interview with rising indie rocker Jay Som

Visit Jay Som’s Facebook page and you’ll find that Melina Duterte, a lifelong Bay Area native and current Oakland resident, describes her music project’s genre as “Woozy.” Perhaps it’s an allusion to the fateful Thanksgiving night last year when Duterte got on Bandcamp and drunkenly posted Turn Into, a self-recorded
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Mitski Puberty 2 | Dead Oceans Grade: A

Mitski leaves her mark on indie rock with ‘Puberty 2’

Mitski lays out the premise of her new album, Puberty 2, exactly seven seconds in. Neatly laid over the skitter of drum machine ambience, the New York-based musician sighs, “Happy came to visit me.” There’s a lot to unpack over the duration of the album’s opening track (and arguable thesis),
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Picks of the week: Up the indie cred

Do you consider yourself “alternative?” Do corporate coffee chains make your stomach churn with indignation? Is your music taste most easily explained with a breezy “you wouldn’t know them?” Are you a double major in calculated indifference and interdisciplinary veganism? Maybe you’ve only dabbled in the art of living the
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ASUC SUPERB announces spring 2016 concert lineup

ASUC SUPERB’s spring 2016 concert lineup is one of its most eclectic. Traversing a broad range of genres, from the Yoruban soul of the French-Cuban twin duo Ibeyi to the modern gangster rap of Indiana-based rapper Freddie Gibbs, there’s a lot to like about SUPERB’s spring 2016 concert series. Music
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