Do animals help reduce stress? The llamas may not save your GPA

With finals fast-approaching and stress levels running high, some students on campus are making use of various animal “de-stress” events, hugging therapy dogs in Moffitt Library and petting llamas on Memorial Glade. But some researchers say evidence remains inconclusive about whether human-animal interaction, or HAI, actually reduces stress.
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The Ex Files

Off the Beat

I broke up with him while we sat on the steps outside my apartment building. He was so distraught and emotional that he immediately started throwing up in the grass next to the sidewalk.
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Lit places on a Saturday night

You’re over the typical frat scene, and you’re ready to dive into a new adventure. We at the Clog understand how hard it is to find the latest and greatest party spots, so we went ahead and did some research for you.
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