Guilt-free daycare

Your Mom Goes To College

Rather than spending time counting the minutes of the day our children are in daycare while we are at work or school, mothers should focus on the time we do have at home with our kids.
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Give me liberty or give me laundry

We could go on forever about all of the glorious parts about being home. It’s where the heart is — as well as the freedom from washing our own dishes. We get to spend time with our parents, and more importantly our dog, while dodging the responsibilities that weigh so heavily on us during
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In memoriam: 25 of the greatest Vines of all time

Pour one out and do it for the Vine. Vine, the most perfect social media platform, will be shuttered by its parent company Twitter in the coming months after an announcement last Thursday. It’s left us too soon, but it’ll never leave our hearts — nor will the millions of
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More than just dad jokes

Sunday was Father’s Day — the day to appreciate that dads have more to offer than bad jokes and high-quality barbecue. Whether you’ve been raised with the gentle “wade-from-the-shallow-end” approach or the tough “push-into-the-deep-end” approach, we at the Clog can agree that our fathers have offered us much irreplaceable, valuable advice. And without it, we could never hope to navigate UC Berkeley or the rest of the confusing world around us.
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Things Taken for Granted at Home

How to show your mom you care

Let’s face it, you probably missed Mother’s Day. Chances are you were much too consumed by finals stress to send your mom a bouquet of flowers or take her out for a nice lunch. It’s not really your fault that this day slipped through the cracks.  As summer opens its beautiful doors,
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Letter to Parents

Dear Mom and Dad, this one’s for you

Amid the excitement as the school year of 2015-16 is finally coming to an end, let’s not forget that Mother’s Day will be the kickstart to our beloved finals week. Not long after that is Father’s Day. Whose smart idea was it to put them so close to each other?
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mom and daughter on computer

Help: My mom did my Tele-BEARS!

The following is the story of a student whose Tele-BEARS was given a makeover — and a maternal one at that. We at the Clog hope you take a life lesson away from this story. Worry not about the classes you have this fall, because at least it wasn’t your mother who picked them! Golly
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