When ‘Moneyball’ goes bust

“What begins as a failure of imagination ends as a market inefficiency.” These words from the seminal sports book of a generation, Michael Lewis’ “Moneyball,” best describe what transformed Oakland A’s front-office guru Billy Beane into a cult icon and nerd hero. Here was someone bringing a true analytic style
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WBN Giver Box

We spy: people handing out free books

If you saw someone walking down Telegraph yesterday carrying a bunch of copies of Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” and were slightly confused as to why this person was handing them out to random people on the street, the Clog’s here to satiate your curiosity. Yesterday was World Book Night, a day (yeah,
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Memories of a forgotten season

“Football stories start describing the action: ‘Joe Montana threw a touchdown pass to Jerry Rice.’ Basketball stories begin: ‘He threw the ball to Michael Jordan, who hit the three-pointer at the buzzer.’ Talk to most baseball fans and their stories begin: ‘I went with my dad.’ Or ‘my mom.’ Or
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This weekend in Bay Area theaters

This weekend in the Bay Area, you have a variety of opportunities to catch exciting films both classic and current. The 3rd Annual Oakland Underground Film Festival kicks off tomorrow with “Yelling to the Sky,” which was a hit at this year’s SXSW and stars Zoe Kravitz — who really
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