‘Cause she wakes up in the morning

You Are What You Habituate

The day ahead can be whatever I want to create of it. I can imagine how the day might unfold while sitting back in my chair calmly eating my bowl of cereal or morning spinach, not yet feeling the pressures of productivity.
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Quiz: What’s that smell?

Ah, Berkeley. A place filled with all sorts of unique and distinct things — people, food and most importantly, smells. From the dining halls of the residence halls to the compost bins scattered around campus, you always seem to be assaulted with some offensive odor. You’re used to it, but with all
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Thoughts before an 8 a.m. lecture

We all know the wonderful feeling of finding a class on Schedulebuilder that has a perfect description, good amount of units and even sounds interesting. But, just as soon as the wonder subsides, the dread sets in when we look at the time for this class and see that it
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