On-campus napping is important

My friend and I have a foolproof napping system. A particularly evil professor of ours takes attendance in class. As a result, we both show up. But we do not let the professor defeat us. We wear our comfortable pants, raise our hands when our names are called for attendance,
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The Daily Clog

Peace, love and Clog

We know what you’re all thinking: Whenever you ever so kindly click on the Clog, a small part of you is slightly disappointed by the lack of actual clogs on our page. Don’t worry devoted readers, your prayers have been answered, and we at the Clog have composed a clog
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natalie mermaid 1

Face swaps around campus

We at the Clog (especially one of us, who’s responsible for the majority of this collection’s selfie content due to an unfortunate lack of shared enthusiasm by her fellow campus crawlers) spent too much time collecting these face swaps of Berkeley’s finest with its most statuesque. Check out these epic face swaps of students and statues around campus,
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Sarah Goldwasser_online

What I’m doing here

Artist in progress

A few years ago, if you were to ask me if I was an artist, I wouldn’t hesitate before saying yes. I’d been playing trumpet since fifth grade, picking up French horn and other random brass instruments along the way. I never had any intention of being that good, so
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10 worst places to study

1. Morrison Library Don’t get us wrong: Morrison’s great. It’s cozy, old-fashioned, warm … it sort of feels like Grandma’s living room. The lighting’s soft and pleasant, and there’s lots of cushy furniture where you can relax, stretch your legs and … go to sleep. Seriously, the only thing you’ll
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