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Work in Progress

When I think about the timeline of my writing career, I draw blanks instead of all the memories that should have cemented in my mind the fact that I am a writer. And yet, I still don’t feel like a writer. But I’m always writing. I’m writing right now.
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Things Taken for Granted at Home

How to show your mom you care

Let’s face it, you probably missed Mother’s Day. Chances are you were much too consumed by finals stress to send your mom a bouquet of flowers or take her out for a nice lunch. It’s not really your fault that this day slipped through the cracks.  As summer opens its beautiful doors,
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How to celebrate Mother’s Day long distance

In the whirlwind of RRR week and finals week, we sometimes forget to feed and bathe ourselves, let alone connect with our loved ones. Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate the one person who has sacrificed so much to raise us and continually gives us unconditional love. But, for the
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Most annoying holidays on Instagram

Usually, Instagram is an ideal way to avoid doing the tasks you need to accomplish. The mindless scrolling through people’s daily activities helps us to forget about our own activities. But throughout the year there are a few days when Instagram’s feed gets more crowded than Brown’s at noon. The
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memorial glade

Comic sans Mother’s Day cards for your Berkeley mom

Finals may be important, but your mom should definitely take precedence. Mother’s Day is coming up Sunday, and we at the Clog created these cards to help you show your appreciation for your mom with these #flawless Berkeley-related Mother’s Day cards:                    
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Off the Beat: Three huge little words

When I woke up last Sunday, it wasn’t Mother’s Day. It was just another morning that seemed best spent in bed until I was awoken by a text from my mother asking if I wanted my absentee ballot mailed to me from my home in Los Angeles. I shot upright
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