Go to class or take a pass

“I will go to all of my classes.” This is the same white lie we all tell ourselves at the beginning of each new semester, and we partially believe it, at least for the first week of classes. Our high school selves were terrified into never missing a school day unless
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Mid-college regrets

It’s not an over-dramatically lonely or homesick sigh anymore — those reasons couldn’t seem more trivial now. Rather than a product of uncertainty, it’s one of regret.
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You can fight the sophomore slump

Sophomore slump — a time of inevitable anxiety and stress because your grades are slipping before your eyes, the impending fear of “declaring your major” looms and everyone around you seems to be doing just fine. We’ve all heard of this term before, but we didn’t expect this tragedy to happen
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5 steps for fighting summer-lust procrastination

We know — summer is almost here. Only three more weeks of classes, dead week, finals and then summer! Glorious, perfect, lovable summer is, quite frankly, our favorite time of the year for all the obvious and stereotypical reasons. And it is so close that we can feel it. Summer
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