Mayer Hawthorne brings a bit of Motown to the Fillmore

A neo-soul artist with charismatic style and a smooth falsetto is not hard to come by, but a white 33 year old ex hip-hop DJ from Michigan turned Motown artist becomes more of an anomaly. On June 16th Mayer Hawthorne and The County brought their catchy tunes and flashy suits to the Fillmore in San Francisco.
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Justin Cobbs, Allen Crabbe and the Bears are first in the Pac-12 but do not receive much respect nationally.

Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week 8 (Song Edition)

For our antepenultimate Pac-12 Power Rankings of the men’s basketball season, we have decided to go a different route — a different octave, if you will. We have chosen a song to correspond with each team on our list. Enjoy. No. 1: California (22-6, 12-3) — Aretha Franklin, “Respect” The Bears
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