Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Throughout all these years, staying in touch was almost second nature for us. I never think about having to text them, we’ve naturally and constantly been in touch for the past 10 years.
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Quiz: What should you unpack first?

With students returning to campus in hordes this week and next, there are sure to be seemingly endless boxes and bags to move in, and eventually, unpack. But where to start? When your apartment’s exploding into a mess of clothes and kitchen supplies and you don’t know where to find
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Kitchen essentials every student should have

As the semester winds down, we find ourselves scrambling to find places to live for the upcoming summer and school year. In the midst of all the boxes of clothes, furniture and office supplies, the last thing we college students remember to do is stock our future kitchen with cookware,
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10 ways that moving out can get even worse

It’s a well-known fact that the two most stressful days of the academic year involve moving in and moving out of our residence halls, apartments or houses — or really wherever we’ve been living all semester. Here are a few unexpected ways that an already stressful day can turn into something out
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Fragmented nostalgia

My first love was a Midwestern sky on a Friday afternoon — the way it seemed to kiss everything, even the disjointed pieces of life, with a tinge of yellow breath. My second love was the way wet grass touches bare feet, needy yet gentle. I find myself thinking on
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Berkeley in Moving Pictures

Take a look at Berkeley in a way you have never seen it before! Cinemagraphs are by no means anything new, but nonetheless, they will never quite lose the touch of magic that is embedded into their creation. Although these works of art are in a GIF format, there is
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Moving on up

Broke in Berkeley

“We’re going to go on an adventure.” My mom had woken me up sometime after midnight to tell me this news. I blinked in the low light, trying to wake up fully. “What?” “You’re going to pack up your backpack for a trip. Bring clothes and the stuff that’s most
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