In living room color

Mind the Gap

behind his professional veil of taupe, my therapist owned the most amazing art collection. I went to his house one day and saw it.
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Central Park

Study spots in Manhattan

A week after finishing my freshman year at UC Berkeley, I packed some of my clothes, took my backpack with a few folders in it and flew to New York City. For the next six weeks, I lived with my sister in the heart of the city while taking a
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20 hours in Madrid

Twenty hours is not enough to marathon “Friends,” read the entire Harry Potter series or study for finals — and it’s definitely not long enough to spend in a foreign city. So when I did the math and realized that I had only 20 hours, including sleeping time, to spend in
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Rainy day activities

The end of the glorious days of winter break can be disappointing, and it seems like the weather is echoing our melancholy. If looking at your weather app and seeing rain clouds for almost every day of week makes you wish you could hibernate through spring semester or the end
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