ICYMI: Naked Run spring 2014

For a few minutes, the atmosphere in Main Stacks became a little less serious thanks to about 200 naked people. As they stripped in the stairwell and ran through the floors of Moffitt and Main Stacks, the sounds of pages turning were drowned out by people screaming and chanting, “Take
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The NSFW video and other reactions to the fall 2013 naked run

Boobs, balls, butts and body odor overtook Main Stacks as naked students participated in the semesterly tradition Tuesday night. The naked run, started by Lothlorien co-op, is one of our favorite UC Berkeley traditions at the Clog. Every semester, students run naked through the library to the cheers and horror of
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Naked Run, 2013

Disrobing the mysteries of the Naked Run

At 9:00 p.m. sharp on the evening of May 8, the pre-finals silence of Main Stacks was shoved aside by a stream of sweaty, jubilant and naked bodies. Rushing gleefully past the infinite bookshelves and focused nighttime studiers, these brave participants of Cal’s legendary semesterly Naked Run delivered a 30-minute
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Nude aesthetics

Sex on Tuesday

The semester is almost drawing to a close. Finals loom in the distance, and so does the thought that I have a year left before I’m done with college. Rather than worrying about post-graduation plans, I’m freaking out over Berkeley memories I haven’t yet made. The one in my thoughts
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The Berkeley Experience

Whether you’re an 18-year-old freshman or a more seasoned transfer student, college is a life-changing experience, and at Cal it is infinitely more so: decades of tradition, excellent academics and some of the brightest minds all crammed together in a region that already has several claims to fame. The first
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OFF THE BEAT: The Naked Run

When the human experience gets real, we get naked. We burst from the uterus as a babe in a birthday suit, scrub-a-dub-dub when a long day makes us rank and strip down to get in between the sheets. No shirt, no shoes — you’ve got humanity standing there cupping their
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