What to do when you find out your class was cancelled

We’ve all been there. You show up to class, notice you’re the only one there (along with one other clueless person), then pull out your syllabus. Underneath today’s date on the syllabus reads a friendly reminder that your professor has left in big bold letters: DO NOT COME TO CLASS
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Bear near Doe Library

Lies we’re told as UC Berkeley students

Fresh-faced and free-spirited, we passed under the vast and profound Sather Gate for the first time, much as young children walk into their first day of “big kid school.” The possibilities for our lives expanded and flashed in our mind’s eye, causing our hands to tremble and our cheeks to flush. That
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Quiz: Where should you nap?

Picture this — it’s about two or three in the afternoon. You’ve got class in an hour or so and you don’t really want to walk back to your place, but you’re feeling pretty sleepy. You want to take a nap, but you don’t know where. It’s not like we
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