National Signing Day, 2013: Cal football


Relationships often take several months to develop. Cal football head coach Sonny Dykes had only two months to build relationships with this year’s recruiting class. Taking over the Cal football team on Dec. 5, Dykes zeroed in on fixing three of the Bears’ most dire concerns: the offensive line, defensive
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Don’t look back in anger

I bet you’re upset. Your blood is coursing bluer and golder than ever before, your righteous fury making Menelaus’ rage seem but a polite objection. Well, stop. This recruiting freefall was the reality check: Cal has never been, and will likely never become, an elite football program. Elite programs don’t
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Cal recruiting update: Looking ahead to Signing Day

This whole recruiting business has gotten out of hand fast, hasn’t it? What once looked like a sure fire top-5 class for the Cal football team will now be lucky to remain ranked in the top-25. But thankfully, National Signing Day is Wednesday, which hopefully will bring some kind of
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