2018 NBA Finals shootaround

The only reason why I’m not calling a sweep is that I don’t want to bet against The King, who has put together one of the greatest playoff runs in NBA history. But alas, the Warriors will be victorious for the third time in four years.
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My change of allegiance

It’s hard to picture LeBron James as an underdog. Packing 250 pounds of pure muscle into a 6-foot-8 frame, it’s a mental struggle to parcel him into the same category as Oliver Twist or Daniel LaRusso (also known as the Karate Kid, for those who don’t know his actual name).
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Heart of a Warrior

“MVP. MVP. MVP.” Deafening chants shake Oracle Arena as Steph Curry, chewing on his mouth guard, walks up to the free throw line. This season, the Warriors — lead by their unanimous MVP — have earned their place among the NBA’s Pantheon. However, their rise to prominence has been comprised
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Maddy Kerr talks volleyball, Steve Kerr

Maddy Kerr is a rising junior on Cal’s volleyball team and is expected to be one of the team’s biggest stars this upcoming season. She’s not the only Kerr who’s making a mark in the Bay Area: Her dad, Steve Kerr, is the head coach of the Golden State Warriors
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Better late than never

Because of my Latino family’s religious-like devotion to soccer, I grew up with an indifferent perspective toward basketball. My lack of interest in the sport continued throughout my teenage years because I was terrible on the court: I couldn’t shoot if my life depended on it, I dribbled as if
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