Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons changes nothing

The Pistons traded away Tobias Harris, their best scorer and (potentially lottery-bound) first-round pick, and their best perimeter defender, Avery Bradley. The second-round pick and Boban Marjanović won’t hurt them as much now, but taking on Griffin is still a huge risk for the Pistons.
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1st quarter NBA storylines

The most we can do about the Warriors is hope for an ankle sprain (or two). Otherwise, it looks like they’ll coast to their third NBA championship in four years. Even still, there are many intriguing storylines to follow, making for interesting games almost every night. The elephant in the
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How Eric Bledsoe going to Milwaukee affects the NBA

Eric Bledsoe has redefined the playbook for disgruntled players looking for a trade to a winning team. The saga that began with his infamous “I Dont wanna be here” tweet and involved one of the more pathetic excuses in sports history (he later told Suns general manager Ryan McDonough that
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John Wall is your 2017 MVP

Half-Court Shot

People have no idea who John Wall is. Okay, maybe they know his name. But for a college star, No. 1 overall pick, consistent All-Star who’s dragged an awful Wizards franchise to 22 games over .500 over the past four seasons, people know nothing about him. When he wins MVP
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John Wall, James Harden

Who will be the (2nd) best team in the NBA?

After a dramatic offseason that included a star trade request away from Lebron James, the end of the Phil-Melo Knicks era, the shuffling of numerous top-20 players and KD’s cringe-worthy Twitter behavior, the NBA is back and better than ever. Everyone knows Golden State is the title favorite, but instead
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Cavaliers at Wizards 11/21/14

NBA rule changes will have minor effect at best

When you’re far from you final destination, it can be hard to tell if your first step is even in the right direction. This is what the NBA had to contend with in its most recent board meeting. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that NBA Board of Governors decided to implement
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