Veteran dunker and judge of this year's contest Andre Iguodala wasn't the only one unimpressed with the overhyped and gimmicky performances at this year's Dunk Contest.

Slam junk

This year's NBA Slam Dunk Contest failed to impress or inspire

The defining moment in Saturday night’s slam dunk contest was when Philadelphia’s Andre Iguodala, not only a preeminent defender but also one of the game’s most acrobatic dunkers, folded over his “10” placard to award Jeremy Evans, a rail-thin forward from southeastern Arkansas, a “0” for his effort. Evans’ dunk,
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Linsanity has reignited NBA linterest for fans

As if an already over-saturated story needs another loony putting his opinion in print, I am indeed writing about the savior of the NBA: Jeremy Lin. Media members and bloggers have already covered how Linsane and Lincredible this story is (OK, I know that was bad, but it had to
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Former NBA player Adonal Foyle spoke at a Poli Sci lecture on Wednesday.

Adonal Foyle visits Cal, talks politics

It’s always a little entertaining to see a professional athlete get passionate about something other than sports. For the eccentrics such as Ron Artest, there’s always an off-hand name change or a Dancing with the Stars cameo to spice life up. For Adonal Foyle, it’s the possibility of a clean
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Athletes can help strike out bigotry

There’s a major problem in sports. It’s not steroids; it’s not cheating. Not the NBA lockout or the BCS. A couple weeks ago, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson went on a radio show and called someone a word that no one, in polite company or otherwise, should ever utter. The
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