TV Land: Broadway or bust

You’ll have to excuse my writing partner, Sir Lester Butterfill XXIX, for the time being. He’s been called away on business of a most secure and delicate nature. The only facts I could glean regarding it were the words “apocalypse” and “Bono’s sunglasses are missing.” It sounds pretty serious. But
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TV Land: Community of fans, unite!

I was going to write about Thanksgiving this week. I was going to write about how glorious it is that once a year (more than once in my case), we can sit down as proud Americans and engorge ourselves with genetically-modified organisms while I sit at the kids’ table. But,
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TV Land: NBC Thursday Round-Up

So, this blog post is usually supposed to supplement the theme of my column that week. But, since I wrote about SNL and the clips of SNL and the commentary on SNL and the sentences that go on and on and on about SNL are interminable, I thought I switch
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