Latest recruiting scandal exposes NCAA’s “amateurism”

An FBI news conference last week in New York that announced the arrests of four assistant coaches from prominent Division I teams sent shockwaves through the college basketball world. NCAA president Mark Emmert called the allegations of the payments for recruits “deeply disturbing” in an official statement. What the investigation
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Toy with my emotions, March

I’m heated. Not because Cal didn’t make the NCAA tournament ─ its late-season collapse spelled more than enough doom for the Bears ─ but because numbers have failed me. Numbers never lie, but clearly the metrics for giving a bid to the Big Dance stand far beyond what’s apparent to
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Alaina Getzenburg_online

Student comes first

The Victory Lap

It’s officially March. While for a select few this means that we are that much closer to National Frozen Food Day or Manatee Appreciation Day, for most it’s all about March Madness. It’s almost time to give those couple dollars to your acquaintance Andrew, fill your bracket with Cinderella upsets
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‘It’s rampant’: Documents reveal 124 cases of UC employees’ sex misconduct

California Public Records Act request sheds light on 3-year span of Title IX investigations

At least 124 cases involving University of California faculty, staff and contractors show the employees were found to have violated UC sexual violence and harassment policy over the past three years at all UC campuses. Among them are award-winning scholars, lauded department chairs and highly paid NCAA coaches.
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