Tunesday: Inspired by solo acts

Solo acts are usually one of two things:a horrendous idea, rooted in anartist’s overconfidence in his or her talent or a way for a musician to break from what he or she knows to experiment a bit. Bands have combusted from one artist wanting to do his own thing, while
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Read Some Books: Music Edition

“Waging Heavy Peace” by Neil Young As an old man, Young is taking a look back at his life in his new autobiography. His tone is conversational and curt, and one doesn’t realize right away that it is Young writing until he opens a paragraph with, “I remember one day
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Outside Lands 2012 Preview

Our arts staff brings the bands, acts and events to look forward to this weekend (August 10-12) at the 5th annual Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival. Reggie Watts There isn’t an easy way to introduce the wildly enigmatic comedian/musician Reggie Watts. He’s a strange act, a dabbler in the
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