5 study albums that purport to be cool

Whether you are in the library or at a cafe, put any of these albums on and leave the Spotify window open to impress the person studying next to you on the off chance they might accidentally glance over. They’ll silently be intimidated by your hip music, and you’ll feel really cool.
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Neon Indian releases lackluster, explorative album

The balance of experimentation and accessibility in music has proven to be a very delicate one. Neon Indian, aka Alan Palomo, has been playing with this balance since 2009, carving away dreamy nuggets of musical exploration with each release. His latest album, Vega Intl. Night School, exhibits a conscious and
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Top 10 Albums of the Year

10. Childish Gambino: Camp Childish Gambino is the perfect name for comedian Donald Glover’s hip-hop alter ego. With his debut album, Camp, Glover seamlessly melds the innocent whimsy of childhood with a harder, personal edge. As a writer for “30 Rock” and an actor on NBC’s “Community,” Glover has already
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