Taking care of yourself is not a luxury

Safe, Sane and Consensual

“What are you doing to take care of yourself this week?” The five of us in the Tang Center support group stared at each other. At the olive green carpet. At the second hand ticking away in the wall clock. Four minutes until our weekly hour and a half together
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The best way to spend a 10-minute break

As students frantically continue to study for their never-ending stream of midterms, study breaks are an essential part of staying sane. More often than not, these study breaks take the form of surfing the Internet looking for pictures of sleepy kitties and BuzzFeed articles. But before you know it, those
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Why Berkeley is the best college town

We all can recall the days, not too long ago, when we would spend late nights scrolling through College Prowler, meticulously analyzing every rating and comment on the schools we were considering. Who could really blame us? There were so many features to take into account! Major deciding factors included
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