A glimpse into I-House student experiences

Exchange students living at the International House share their experiences and cultural shocks related to the city and campus. They reflect on some of their unusual experiences, such as the Greek culture here and discuss why coming to UC Berkeley to study is a great opportunity.
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Amsterdam and Paris: a tale of two cities

The first thing I noticed about Amsterdam was that our cab was a Tesla. Your taxi’s make and model aren’t things you think about, like, ever. But when your first experience in a new place involves a (pretty attractive) driver in a suave gray suit and tie whisking you away to your
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Citations for sale

Saudi university boosts rankings by aggressively recruiting world's top researchers

King Abdulaziz University, a little-known university in Saudi Arabia, ranks seventh in the world in mathematics, edging out other universities with reputable math departments. But their newfound prestige is a product of an aggressive recruitment program targeting some of the world’s top scientists.
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Euro 2012: A lot to be excited for

Over the past four days, my mornings have gone like this: Wake up at 8:30 a.m. Turn on ESPN. Watch the first half of the first Euro match of the day. Prepare breakfast. Watch the second half of the first match. Shower. Watch the second match. Think about the Euros
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