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New semester resolutions

The combination of the new year and the new semester has everyone making a lot of resolutions. But how realistic are your resolutions, really? You say you’re definitely going to try a smoothie cleanse, but let’s be real — you don’t even own a blender. We at the Clog put together a
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Word cloud: the first day of classes

It’s the first day of classes. You woke up before your alarm. You ate a nutritious and delicious breakfast before heading out the door in a timely manner (at least, that was the plan). Now you’re sitting in your first class of the year, wondering what the semester has in store.
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How to prepare for the new semester

Whether you’ve been counting down the days until you can leave your home or fighting each day that pushes you closer to the new semester, there’s no longer any denying the fact: Spring 2016 is approaching at full tilt, and you need to be prepared. Freshmen are anxiously wondering what
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