Berkeley mayor and UC Berkeley chancellor welcome new students

Hello, newest Golden Bears! It is a great pleasure to welcome you to campus and to this extraordinary community of learning and discovery, where you will spend the next several years developing your mind and deepening your understanding of the world and those who inhabit it. In joining our campus
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Alumnus welcomes new UC Berkeley students with stern warning

Berkeley Class of 2017: Congratulations on your admission into the world’s best public school. After a successful adolescence, you now have the privilege of attending in an institution that has been home to world-class athletes Jason Kidd, Marshawn Lynch, Natalie Coughlin, movie stars Gregory Peck and Chris Pine, tech icons
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sather lit - kchan

Five occasions for UC Berkeley to get lit

If we were to graph school spirit levels over time during the fall semester, we would start with a line moderately high on the spirit axis. The line would be flat with occasional small peaks to represent game day weekends, and then one huge mountain of pride the week of
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How to interact in the residence hall bathrooms

It’s just another day when you walk into the bathroom and feel relieved to find that you can finally brush your teeth in peace without anyone in there loudly peeing or loudly singing a Spice Girls song. And then, not even 30 seconds later, alas, someone else walks in to brush their
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