Feeling and connecting through art

“I don’t like looking at art,” my friend told me as we listlessly lazed in my apartment, discussing summer plans. “I prefer hands-on exhibits.” Rather than taking offense, I was curious at her comment. It made me think about not only how we engage with art, but also what we
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Lesson of the day: don’t be a Weiner

Brooklyn native Anthony Weiner has been making some scandalous headlines. The rather frisky politician can’t seem to hold back his enthusiasm for possibly becoming New York City’s next mayor and also can’t seem to keep it in his pants. Depending on whether his sexual activities would affect your vote if
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Ben n Jerry's Berkeley

Ben & Jerry’s teases San Francisco flavor

A couple of shops are cleverly placed in two of the biggest tourist traps of the Bay Area (Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf). There is one shop right down Center Street in Berkeley. And at some point, you know you’ve picked up a pint of the good stuff at Safeway
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A Cinephile’s Journey to New York City

I’m not sure if Americans realize this, but the United States is one of the most surreal places for a foreigner to travel to. American culture, particularly cinema has an unparalleled global reach. I watch more American films in a year than my country has produced in its entire history.
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Marty Made That? — The eclectic career of Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s influential presence in the last 40 years of cinema is an undeniable thing of beauty.  For a director that has spent more than half his life in the film industry, Scorsese has produced a relatively small filmography with only 34 movies made in nearly half-a-century.  But such longevity
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Memories of an alumnus burn on

Esteban Silva, a UC Berkeley graduate, reflects on 9/11 and how he escaped the burning towers 10 years ago

This audio podcast is the first of two parts. Find Part two here. As the nation moved on, the 9/11 attacks may have faded from the foreground, but for Esteban Silva, fiery images are still burning in his mind. His initial memories from that day are as vivid as the sky
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Remembering to not forget: my story

Our school normally sent us home on buses. But on that day, the administration could not assume that we still had parents. We were kept waiting in the assembly room for hours while they contacted our parents, one at a time, asking them to pick us up. I remember Sept.
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