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Tim Tebow doesn’t have what it takes

“You’re just not cut out for this league.” Immediately after writing those words nearly four months ago declaring Timothy Richard Tebow the worst quarterback to ever walk the face of Planet Earth, the Broncos embarked on an improbable winning streak of six consecutive games, propelling them to the NFL playoffs.
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Athletes can help strike out bigotry

There’s a major problem in sports. It’s not steroids; it’s not cheating. Not the NBA lockout or the BCS. A couple weeks ago, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson went on a radio show and called someone a word that no one, in polite company or otherwise, should ever utter. The
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DeSean’s return or Marshawn’s run?

Before Abby Wambach’s last-minute goal for the U.S. women’s national team made it all moot, two former Cal stars were in the running for Best Play at the ESPYs. First, there’s DeSean Jackson’s scintillating last-second punt return that shell-shocked the New York Giants and — even more impressively — elicited signs
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