12-05-01 Why Robert Birgeneau is ready to step down

Why Chancellor Birgeneau is ready to step down

After nine years atop one of the world’s best universities, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau will be ending his reign in just about a month. His resignation, largely overshadowed by the now-infamous and now-nonexistent unibrow of Chancellor-Elect Nicholas Dirks, is now a looming inevitability. Yet, the physics professor appears to be intent
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Rally at Sather Gate

Voice of the campus

The voice of the campus is about to change. In June, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau will step down and make way for Nicholas Dirks, the former executive vice president and dean of the faculty of arts and sciences at Columbia University. Birgeneau, who became the campus’s ninth chancellor in September 2004,
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Letters: Jan. 29

Dirks responds to Columbia faculty criticism On Jan. 22, The Daily Californian published a letter from some of my Columbia colleagues that contains serious misrepresentations of what I actually said during the course of an introductory online video interview (still available through the UC Berkeley NewsCenter) that was released after
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Letter: Week of Jan. 21

Outrage at Dirks’ divestment remark Editor’s Note: A version of this letter was previously published in the Columbia Daily Spectator.  The undersigned faculty members of the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies at Columbia University feel outraged after reading the assertions made by Nicholas Dirks, our former colleague and
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A year in review

January: Anthropology Library Occupation After a group of demonstrators occupied the campus anthropology library, the campus administration agreed to restore its previously curtailed hours. February 18: Death of Peter Cukor Controversy arose after a Berkeley resident was killed while police were monitoring an Occupy protest nearby. February: Occupy Emails Administrators’
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