A year in review

January: Anthropology Library Occupation After a group of demonstrators occupied the campus anthropology library, the campus administration agreed to restore its previously curtailed hours. February 18: Death of Peter Cukor Controversy arose after a Berkeley resident was killed while police were monitoring an Occupy protest nearby. February: Occupy Emails Administrators’
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Raising concerns for Dirks

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks should not have been given a pay increase above his predecessor’s salary.

The UC Board of Regents has forced UC Berkeley’s next chancellor into an awkward position. Earlier this week, the regents inappropriately awarded Nicholas Dirks, who will replace Robert Birgeneau as chancellor in June, a $50,000 pay increase above his predecessor’s salary. While the extra funding for Dirks’ pay will not
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Dirks Screenshot

Nicholas Dirks confirmed as UC Berkeley’s next chancellor

The UC Board of Regents confirmed the appointment of Nicholas B. Dirks as UC Berkeley’s next chancellor at a meeting Tuesday morning. Dirks, a professor of anthropology and history who previously served as the executive vice president and dean of the faculty for arts and sciences at Columbia University, will
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Memo to the next chancellor

The Devil's Advocate

Dear Nicholas Dirks, Congratulations on your selection as UC Berkeley’s next chancellor. Your reputation will rise or fall depending on your ability to navigate an unpredictable and sometimes explosive political environment, win the trust of students who are notoriously wary of authority and guide the world’s leading public university through
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