Cue the stripes

Cue the stripes! Or maybe just one stripe? The Stripe. As Cal changes sponsors from Nike to Under Armour, the unifying symbol amongst the uniforms that have been released thus far is the Sather Stripe. In addition to the stripe, there has also been a font change and a return
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The Good, the Bad — damn, those shoes are Ugly

I’m assuming we all know about Lonzo Ball’s new shoes. The base pair sells for $495, and the super-deluxe edition will run you over a grand for kicks that look like they belong to an over-exuberant server at Applebee’s:
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Sammy Sassoon | Shirt: thrifted, jeans: ASOS

A brief history of normcore

Think of the average UC Berkeley student — what comes to mind? Countercultural leanings? Likely. Strong feelings about Main Stacks, a state of perpetual caffeination and a penchant for Cal gear? Almost certainly. Fashion sense? Not exactly. While images of the suit-clad students of the Free Speech Movement might look
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You’ve seen these slogans before, but never like this

Thanks to clever advertising, there are a few phrases that have snuck into our daily lives. You’ve seen these slogans time and time again, but they probably didn’t resonate with you as much as they do now. We felt like these public-private partnerships didn’t do a successful job of attracting UC
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