Tips for coming to Cal: Befriend upperclassmen, shop classes

Congratulations! You have been admitted to one of the most prestigious schools in the nation — probably as a result of your stellar resume, which highlighted your shining status as the No. 1 valedictorian and revealed your glowing experience in bringing aid to third-world countries while simultaneously interning at the public defender’s office during your first year of elementary school.
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Campus programmers hack out innovation at coding marathon

Seated at a table overrun with computers, cords and cables, UC Berkeley freshman Ryan Davis was enjoying an atypical weekend night on Friday. Although she was in the familiar company of friends, she had never been surrounded by so much technology or tapping of keys. Davis, an art practice major,
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Schedule-building program to launch in fall

Beginning next fall, UC Berkeley students will be able to schedule their courses using a new campus technology program currently in its beta version that is based off of the popular Ninja Courses website. The ScheduleBuilder beta website — which was unveiled late last semester — allows users to create
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