Mini-trip ideas to get away from Berkeley

It’s that point in the semester. We all feel it. With the weariness of midterms dragging on and the grunge of Berkeley seeping into your soul, you start to question if you can really carry on like this for another two months. But no worries, there’s a cure. We at the
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Censoring free speech sets dangerous precedent

Last week, free speech suffered a blow when force and intimidation by some protesters prompted UC Berkeley to cancel a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos, who was invited to campus by the Berkeley College Republicans and who advocates racist, sexist and transphobic views. The cancellation should give no comfort to those
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In-between weather essentials

For those of you new to NorCal, the current weather may be confusing to you. One day, it’s hot and sunny, the next, rainy and windy. We at the Clog consider ourselves Berkeley weather experts, and thus we have put together this list of weird-weather essentials. Keep these items in
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NorCal vs. SoCal weather

Pretty much the only constant thing about the weather in California is that it’s not constant at all. The temperature here is just like the dorm elevators: high one moment, low the next and never, ever reliable. If you’re from SoCal, you’re pretty okay with this crazy weather, as long
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