By students, for students: Spotlighting the class gifts on campus

From that one iron-oxide-green drinking fountain we see after stumbling out of the wrong end of Dwinelle Hall to the stairs we climb every day when hurrying to class in VLSB to our most recognizable campus(nile) installations, UC Berkeley’s alumni classes have contributed to many aspects that, be they in obscurity, notoriety or majesty, make their mark upon the campus.
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Quiz: Which Girl Scout cookie are you?

While some might think the most wonderful time of the year is the holiday season, we at the Clog believe the most wonderful time of the year is Girl Scout cookie season. Luckily for all of us here in Berkeley, the Girl Scouts are back in action as of this
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North Gate

50 thoughts we have while walking up a Berkeley hill

Wow, we’re actually leaving early for our English 45A lecture. We left ourselves plenty of time to walk to North Gate Hall, and we’re just going to have a nice leisurely stroll for a change. The Campanile is beckoning, Memorial Glade is shimmering … it’s a beautiful day for a
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The 7 nicest lecture halls on campus

You look at your schedule and you see Dwinelle or Evans as the location for your 2-hour-long lecture, already recalling the stuffiness and suffocating lighting of the room and wanting to fall asleep on the spot. If you’re sick and tired of feeling like this, schedule your classes in the
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