Better Together

The Howells bring a little family to the gym

On April 13, 2016, the Cal women’s gymnastics team traveled more than 1,000 miles, stepped off a plane and took in the fresh air of Forth Worth, Texas. The Bears knew they had entered rare territory and were taking it all in — much deserved after qualifying for the NCAA
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From Cal to SoCal

Upon returning home to Los Angeles, it can be easy to get used to the laid-back, slow-paced life which is the antithesis to our time spent at UC Berkeley. And we in Southern California will continue this lazy existence shamelessly till the end of the summer. Maybe it really is the laid-back SoCal vibe or maybe we’re just burnt out and have lost all willpower to do anything even remotely productive. While we all in SoCal may have readjusted without falling victim to jet lag or facing the return of any allergy, Northern California natives might expect a culture shock. A lot of the most popular expectations of SoCal certainly are true, but some are complete myths.
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Erin Alexander/Staff

Shelter Cove: Lose yourself on the ‘Lost Coast’

As students, it can be tough to escape the rigorous grind of coursework that UC Berkeley is notorious for, as well as the never-ending stream of social media content that pervades our daily lives. But if we are to stay sane, we must at some point flip the switch and
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Run away to Monterey Bay

Situated beside the Pacific Ocean, Monterey Bay is an idyllic vacation spot for peace and rest. Right before Thanksgiving weekend, my friends and I made an overnight trip. We started the morning early, and after rejuvenating ourselves with a round of holiday drinks from Starbucks, we were on our way.
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Best picnic spots in California

Hello fellow Californians! Have a free Thursday afternoon? What about this Thursday, June 18? You do? Fantastic! Coincidentally, this day is International Picnic Day. We at the Clog would love to help you find the perfect picnic location that will satisfy all your picnicking needs no matter where you are in the
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