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Inexpensive breakfast spots in Berkeley

What’s better than a delicious breakfast? A delicious and inexpensive breakfast. Here is your quick guide to inexpensive breakfast options around the Berkeley campus. You really can’t go wrong with any of these delicious breakfast joints! Cafe Milano Cafe Milano is the perfect place to go for inexpensive coffee and breakfast
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Berkeley food perfect for the Fourth

Do you want the perfect Fourth of July meal but haven’t been invited to a barbecue and don’t feel like cooking? We all know that Berkeley is definitely not known for its abundance of barbecue joints — it can be difficult to find the classic foods you crave for the Fourth. Here are some delicious Fourth of July treats you can find in the city of Berkeley.
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Places to get breakfast for less than $5

We’re a month into the new semester, and you’re likely in either of these two situations: You’re a broke college student and you’ve always known it, or you told yourself you’d manage your transactions this semester to not be a financial mess but have failed only to realize that there’s
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Winter is coming: how to prepare

Winter is coming … sort of. The heat wave hasn’t gone away yet, but it is starting to get slightly colder. While the weather is unpredictable, here are a couple of things to be prepared for in case the weather decides to flip a 180 and nip us in the butt.  
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Berkeley date ideas that won’t break the bank

Living on a college student budget can be tough — so going on expensive dates can be close to impossible. Thankfully being romantic doesn’t equate to being wealthy. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of some great places to take your Berkeley date that will not only keep your money
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5 Berkeley restaurants to avoid if you don’t have cash

Whether you frequent the Asian Ghetto or the Gourmet Ghetto, you’ve probably had at least a brush with the cash-only policy that many of Berkeley’s restaurants impose. You go to give your card to the cashier but are denied, with the cashier pointing out the restaurant’s “Cash Only” sign and
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