5 Valentine’s Day cards for your Berkeley ‘bae’

We at the Clog know how hard it can be to put your feelings into words. Luckily for you, we’re certified wordsmiths, and we’ve got your back. Whether you have a new girlfriend, a fun-buddy or a person you’re not really dating (but it still feels weird not to acknowledge
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Living the collective life

When I first got the email that I had been accepted to UC Berkeley in 2010, I was obviously ecstatic. I had a free period and immediately went to go tell an English teacher who had gone here, and the one piece of advice he gave me that has defined
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Living in the boonies

Here’s a situation that happens to me not irregularly. (conversation turns to housing) “Where do you live?” “Cedar and Milvia,” I say. “Where’s that?” “You know where Cheese Board is?” “What? How do you live that far away?” And so on. I’m well aware there are people who live even
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The student district must not be defeated

CITY AFFAIRS: Divided supporters of a student supermajority district risk losing student representation if they don't unify for the November referenda.

As Berkeley inches toward the November election and grinds closer to the conclusion of a chaotic, years-long redistricting process, the realization of a student supermajority City Council district — which seemed within grasp earlier this year — is in peril.
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