Coffee and coastal vibes at Nefeli Cafe

During the day, they prop open their main front window and the door to the back. Within the long narrowed space, the air circulates. Along with the tempered Greek folk art, the feeling is as if you were somewhere coastal.
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The Berkeley Experience

Whether you’re an 18-year-old freshman or a more seasoned transfer student, college is a life-changing experience, and at Cal it is infinitely more so: decades of tradition, excellent academics and some of the brightest minds all crammed together in a region that already has several claims to fame. The first
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Picture 5

Moving Pictures: Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival

Saturday’s chocolate and chalk art festival is an annual tradition that showcases eateries along Shattuck Avenue near Vine Street on Berkeley’s north side and offers a chalk art challenge for community members. These are some scenes from the festival.

No bomb found after Northside threat

A bomb threat on Northside kept residents from their homes Wednesday night. Berkeley Police Department officers on scene blocked off parts of Euclid Avenue, Ridge Road, La Loma Avenue, Le Roy Avenue and Le Conte Avenue. Residents were being allowed to leave the affected area, but no one was permitted
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A charter bus crashed into a tree near the intersection of Hearst Avenue and Spruce Street on Friday evening.

Bus crashes into tree on Northside across street from campus

A charter bus crashed into a tree on Northside just across the street from the UC Berkeley campus Friday evening. At around 6 p.m., an Eastshore Charter Lines bus crashed into a tree outside a residence near the intersection of Spruce Street and Hearst Avenue, — close to the Northwest
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