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Catching UC Berkeley nostalgia

From mountains or shores, metropolises or small towns, Scandinavia or Asia, UC Berkeley students come from all over the world — you can hear more than 200 different languages on our campus. When summer begins, our friends are just like migrant birds flying back to their own nests, traveling to places
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Fragmented nostalgia

My first love was a Midwestern sky on a Friday afternoon — the way it seemed to kiss everything, even the disjointed pieces of life, with a tinge of yellow breath. My second love was the way wet grass touches bare feet, needy yet gentle. I find myself thinking on
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How to put off doing your laundry

Ah, laundry. If only we could travel back in time to the days when our mothers did our laundry. The clothes smelt so good, felt so soft. Now our clothes are marred with random bleach stains and are awkwardly shrunken down. The fabric isn’t as soft or as bright as it
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About freaky songs…

I’ve probably listened to the song “Rock & Roll” by Dr. Dog upwards of 400 times. But this past week as I listened to it on my walk to class, I began to wonder what it was about this song that made me keep coming back to it. The opening
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Do our favorite childhood snacks still taste as good?

Every day when I was in first through fourth grade, I would open up my Looney Tunes lunchbox and pull out a turkey and cheese sandwich that my mother had lovingly squished together that morning. Between disheartened munches of my sandwich, I would glare jealously over at the “lucky kids”
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Missing a moment on a rooftop

Because the Internet

We are species that both love and hate to miss things. Reluctant to let a single memorable event go by unnoticed, we are always storing away little moments to reflect on later.
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Graduation 2014: Editors’ note

The Berkeley that many of us first encountered as freshmen in August 2010 is in many ways radically different than the one next year’s freshmen will discover in a few months. Much of the student body that was present in fall 2010 has since graduated or left. Memorial Stadium hadn’t
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Editor’s note: Thank you

It’s traditional for the Daily Cal’s outgoing editor in chief and president to write a farewell column. The purpose of that column is to make some kind of book-ending statement about what it’s been like to lead this paper, or go to this school, or live in this city, or
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