A note about notes

You Are What You Habituate

After nearly falling in love with all of my housemates last summer, never having a large fraternity-like community before, I would paraphrase exact correspondences or shards of conversations I overheard.
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Things you do in lecture that are more obvious than you think

Sometimes (a lot of the time) lectures are a bit too boring to pay attention to, and before you know it, you end up scrolling through Facebook or checking your text messages. And while you believe you’re being inconspicuously sly, your actions are actually pretty obvious to those around you, including your professors.
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Notes from my journal: Classroom edition

Notes taken from the classes: Ethnic Studies 159AC: The Southern Border ISF 100A: Introduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis History 100M: History of Political Islam Andrew Kuznetsov is a special contributor to the Weekender.


Notes from our journals

Jan. 1 – Mana It’s officially 2016 and a fresh beginning. Normally, the start of a new year would scare me, but it doesn’t anymore. Now it feels more exciting, as if I have so many opportunities and adventures coming my way. Jan. 2 – Mana I remember growing up with board games and
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Notes from our journals

1.1.16 –Hazel “‘Do, try, be good.’ I hope I can live up to that. That was the best I could come up with, but it’s a solid aspiration. Right?” 1.3.16 –Lizzie “Avocados are nature’s mayonnaise? I was almost more insulted by that comment than when I get called out for
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50 thoughts we have during lecture

Okay, time to get to work. I’m here, so I might as well pay attention. I’m going to take such good notes! Hey, this is actually kind of interesting. Maybe I wrote this class off too soon? I’m nodding along and taking notes, but I have no clue what the
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