Lavender and lime cheesecake

Who said cheesecakes have to be unhealthy? By using quality ingredients, it’s possible to make a cheesecake that is both delicious and nutritionally balanced. If you opt for almond cream cheese (which by the way, barely tastes any different from the regular cream cheese), you end up eliminating most of the
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Winter break reading guide

Have you exhausted your Netflix queue? Are all of your friends on the quarter system back in school? Do you love reading, but have you already worked through your entire stack of books to read over break? Luckily for you, we at the Clog are in the same boat, so
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Quiz: How should you be wasting your break?

Ah, winter break. The perfect time for catching up with friends, frequenting your hometown haunts and enjoying the bustle of the holiday season. Or, more accurately, time to veg out and do absolutely nothing. We at the Clog know that there are many different ways to laze away your winter
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Omil Xia/Staff

Clog-approved NaNoWriMo ideas

As UC Berkeley students, we’re all contractually obligated to overload ourselves with responsibilities to the point where we’re less human than we’re shivering, weeping lumps of cortisol. (Sorry, but we did tell you to read the fine print on the SIR.) In order to expedite the process by which we
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