Personal essay: Food in the nude

You’re sitting in a room. It’s dark, and the only source of light is coming from the candle whose wax you’re absentmindedly dipping your finger into. The air is warm and you’re surrounded by bamboo. In front of you is a large wooden bowl with various incarnations of what can
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The naked truth

It took me five or so minutes to get bored of wearing a towel. The lake in question was populated by soccer-mom suburbanites toting an assortment of babies and pomeranians. I was 7 years old, and my modesty hinged on some stray sand and a bad sunburn as I streaked
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Nude aesthetics

Sex on Tuesday

The semester is almost drawing to a close. Finals loom in the distance, and so does the thought that I have a year left before I’m done with college. Rather than worrying about post-graduation plans, I’m freaking out over Berkeley memories I haven’t yet made. The one in my thoughts
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TV Land: It’s not lupus, it’s the end

This is the end. If I were more eloquent, I might delight you all with an- inspirational quote. But alas, the only saying that comes to mind is: “Jessica, please put a shirt on.” It’s something that my roommate tells me frequently because I’m staunchly anti-clothing and pro making her
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