Former Bears involved in Oakland A’s roster moves

A pair of former Bears were at the center of one of the Oakland A’s latest roster moves as the franchise called up Mark Canha and optioned Michael Brady to Triple-A Nashville.
Canha has managed to stay healthy following an injury-shortened 2016 in which he only played 16 games, but the first baseman has struggled to find his footing against major-league pitching since his phenomenal rookie year.
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Pinch that loaf

Though it’s an extremely tough pill to swallow, this trade was exactly what the Oakland Athletic franchise needed to ensure its success in three years and beyond. Executive vice president Billy Beane recently came out saying that the A’s are abandoning their “retool” method of trading and are instead going into full rebuild mode to focus on bringing up a young core team for years to come.
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When ‘Moneyball’ goes bust

“What begins as a failure of imagination ends as a market inefficiency.” These words from the seminal sports book of a generation, Michael Lewis’ “Moneyball,” best describe what transformed Oakland A’s front-office guru Billy Beane into a cult icon and nerd hero. Here was someone bringing a true analytic style
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Crazy cat lady


I leaned forward on the edge of my desk chair, carefully inspecting my handiwork in the small mirror on my desk. With one last delicate swipe of eyeliner, I touched up the bottom tip of my drawn-on nose, straightened the ears atop my head, stood up and headed downstairs to
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