Lift the ban on e-cigarettes

CAMPUS ISSUES: The incoming ban on consuming tobacco products on campus goes too far by banning e-cigarettes, which are far less harmful.

For decades, American society has been moving toward a complete ban on smoking tobacco. Since about the mid-20th century, when scientific studies revealing the drug’s devastating effects on the human body were made public, public policy and social attitudes have shifted more and more against tobacco. This is a good
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Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan

Berkeley police chief used officers to search for son’s stolen iPhone

Berkeley Police Department Chief Michael Meehan used the department’s police forces and assistance to search for his son’s stolen cellphone, according to a department statement released Monday. Meehan’s son’s iPhone was reportedly stolen at Berkeley High School in January, but a report was not immediately written up following the incident.
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Murder suspect ruled mentally incompentent

An Alameda County judge ruled Thursday that Daniel DeWitt, the suspect in a Berkeley resident’s murder, is not mentally competent for a trial, according to the Oakland Tribune. DeWitt, who has a history of mental illness, will instead be sent to a state hospital for treatment. DeWitt’s one charge of
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