Places to go on Earth Day around the bay

Earth Day is quickly approaching, and maybe it’s all the “Berkeley hippie” nonsense finally taking a toll on you, but you feel like you should celebrate … but how? Well, fear not, dear reader, the Clog has you covered with a list of the best Bay Area sites to spend
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30 trips to take before class starts

So here you are at Berkeley, lounging again in your room, mulling in your head about whether you’ve milked every last sun-swollen drop of the season. For those of you with adventure still buzzing in your veins, we at The Daily Clog have prepared a list of the perfect weekend
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Local election results have big implications

While the focus Tuesday was on the national election and some statewide measures, voters also made decisions with local implications. Alameda County Measure A1 Measure A1, which would have established a 25-year tax to raise money for the Oakland Zoo, did not receive the two-thirds supermajority it needed to pass.
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Letters to the editor: Week of Nov. 5

Halloween decoration was not racist at all Our country unfortunately has had a long and sad history of prejudice against African Americans. However, the recent allegation of racial prejudice against the Theta Delta Chi fraternity is unfounded and unacceptable in today’s society. TDC had a zombie that had been hung
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Researchers disagree how to best ensure the financial stability of a hyena colony in the Berkeley Hills.

Berkeley Hills hyena colony faces budget cuts

The financial future of the largest captive group of hyenas in the world, which UC Berkeley researchers have studied for over two decades, looks uncertain as federal funding runs out. The hyena colony faces an impending expiration of a grant from the National Science Foundation in 2013, and its grant
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