Oakland gets Fun. at the Fox

In today’s musical epoch of auto tune, vocal distortion and studio effects, even the most tone-deaf choir flunkie can be made to sound like a “Roxanne”-era Sting. Therefore it is a rare and unequivocal pleasure to attend a concert and discover that despite all precedents, the artist performing actually sounds
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Matt and Kim

Concert Review: Matt & Kim

It looks like I’m being proven wrong about lackluster crowds with each new show I go to. Matt & Kim’s ecstatic performance last Friday at the Fox Theater was full of dancing, jumping, and screaming from both the crowd and the duo. Opening with the fat synth grooves of “Block
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Cartographer and UC Berkeley lecturer Darin Jensen stands in front of maps created by students based on the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco.

UC Berkeley lecturer maps food production, distribution

Maps showing where meat is slaughtered in Maryland, where barley for brewing beer is grown and where taco trucks travel in Oakland, among others, will soon be combined into a crowd-sourced, crowd-funded atlas, thanks to a UC Berkeley lecturer. Darin Jensen, co-editor of “Food: An Atlas” and a cartographer and
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Weeding out unfairness

CITY AFFAIRS: The courts should side with Oakland in its challenge against the federal government’s crackdown on medical marijuana.

Oakland deserves to win its bold challenge to the federal government that authorities should not shut down medical marijuana dispensaries operating in full compliance with state law. Due to a crackdown on medical marijuana initiated by the U.S. Department of Justice last year, many California dispensaries face the possibility of
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Documentary examines Oakland hospital

In the waiting room of Oakland’s Highland Hospital, there is much at stake.  Faces loom and hover, and almost always provoke.  Some are creased with lines of sorrow, others sag with fatigue, and a few glow with mirth.  This amalgam of emotions reflects what we undergo as we watch the
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