Ashley Chen/Staff

Best Coast surfs into Oakland’s Fox Theater

When Best Coast’s frontwoman Bethany Cosentino waltzed up center stage, dirty blonde ringlets a flux and fashioning an adorable scalloped white romper, it was hard not to swoon. Oakland’s Fox Theater swarmed with young people who had just finished the last long days of the semester, brimming with anticipation for
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Oakland Court

Most stay-away orders against Occupy Cal protesters lifted

The majority of the stay-away orders against Occupy Cal protesters — which initially elicited widespread criticism — have been overturned. As of this week, only four of the 12 stay-away orders issued to Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protesters remain. Thirteen protesters have been presented with criminal charges in regard to
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Oakland quartet Trails and Ways makes political dream pop

Keith Brown’s favorite novel is Greil Marcus’ “Lipstick Traces.” In the subdued, understated manner that is his hallmark, he claimed that it taught him to reject everything he had ever known and embrace the philosophy of punk rock at the age of 17. A rather odd statement, coming from a
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Stay-away orders against Occupy Cal protesters disputed

This week, a dozen Occupy Cal protesters were issued orders to stay away from the UC Berkeley campus. Since many of those issued the orders are students, all 12 maintain their innocence, and none of the protesters have been convicted yet, concerns have been raised about the fairness of these
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Another four Occupy Cal demonstrators issued stay-away orders

OAKLAND — During the arraignments of four protesters Tuesday, a judge barred the demonstrators who have been charged in connection with the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protests from all UC property. The four who were issued stay-away orders Tuesday — Amanda Armstrong, Ashley Pinkerton, Justin Tombolesi and Yvette Felarca —
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