Mayhem Festival shows off best of Oakland music

According to 23 local music industry professionals and the community, Oakland’s best bands were all in one place this weekend. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, Awaken Cafe hosted winners of Mayhem Festival, Oakland’s second annual song and music video contest. Mayhem Festival is a sort of online-based battle of
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Waiting on the unfair tipping system to change

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: While tipping may be a good idea in theory, service charges implemented by the restaurant lead to more fair and equal pay for restaurant employees.

There is a fear that in the absence of tipping, the level of service at restaurants will deteriorate. There are other ways, however, through which servers could be held accountable for maintaining high standards.
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Javi’s Cooking: traditional Argentine cuisine

Javi Sandes, an Oakland-based chef, is both co-founder of the first-ever Argentinian food truck as well as a thriving local culinary mogul. While he searches for the perfect spot to open up his future restaurant, to be called Javi’s Parilla, he keeps himself busy by catering his mouthwatering empanadas to
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Mayhem Festival 2014 winners announced

After a monthlong submission and voting period, the folks behind Mayhem Festival 2014 have found the best music coming out of Oakland, according to 23 music industry experts and the greater Bay Area community. Winners of Oakland’s second-annual music video and song contest have been announced in all seven categories,
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Meg Elison newest mug_MDrummond

Our ambivalence: Voting both ways

Elections 2014

I dress up, usually in some subtle combination of campaign-trail colors. I pick a blue-and-white dress and wear red jewelry. I pick a red dress with a blue belt. I am a dork all the way; I update Facebook to gloat about voting, and I Instagram my sticker on the way out.
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