A day at Eat Real Festival 2014

Close your eyes, relax and let us take you on a journey. You’re on a beautiful waterfront pier, with smooth wooden planks under your feet, waves softly splashing in the background and the sun shining on your face. You’re enjoying the calm when you smell a faint hint of barbecue sauce.
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A tale of two cities

My encounters with Oakland, for the most part, have consisted of fleeting glimpses from inside BART. Up until a month ago, the city appeared to me in a series of disconnected snapshots — small, old houses, a gathering of ships by a port, the giant gray structure of the Oracle Arena. I experienced Oakland half-asleep, lulled by the train’s dull buzz.
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Mayhem Festival to musically educate the Bay

In its second year, Mayhem Festival (formerly Oaktown Music Festival) is still searching for the best music coming out of Oakland right now. A juried music video and song contest culminating with a two-night festival that features contest winners, Mayhem Festival exists to celebrate and encourage Oakland’s music scene. Through
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We stand with Ferguson

Michael Brown’s death is not an isolated incident of institutionalized racism run amok; it exists in a continuum of slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow and the almost ageless stereotype of the violent black man. It exists in an ascendant culture of totalitarian police who were armed by an ever-growing military industrial complex by a country that strives to be always profiting at war. To the people of Ferguson, it exists in a timeline of tension wherein a mostly black town is occupied by an almost all-white police force. To the people of Berkeley, it exists as oppression that cannot be borne if any of us is to feel safe or free.
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Berkeley should work for everybody

Berkeley needs some change and needs it fast! In Berkeley’s effort to live in the past, we are not addressing the issues of increasing homelessness, crime and bike and pedestrian safety — not to mention the decay of Telegraph Avenue and other Downtown areas. As the City Council wastes its
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Philz Coffee FI

Philz Coffee opens its 2nd Berkeley location, and it’s great

We all go through America’s daily grind: wake up, drink coffee, sleep and repeat. Coffee caters to the lives of all Berkeleyans, serving as a refreshing morning pick-me-up or a necessary late-night study tool. Coffee unites, engaging colleagues in steamy conversations over steaming lattes. It excites, jolting awake passivity and promoting
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