This Week in Arts

Film  A festival of short films made on smart phones,  web cams and Flip cameras? There really is such a thing, and it is The Disposable Film Festival, which makes its San Francisco debut this Thursday at the Castro Theatre. Executive director Carlton Evans and his staff are kicking off their
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

Hipsters for dum-dums

A guide to the plaid-clad plague sweeping through the boroughs of San Francisco

Hipsters suck. They walk like the sidewalk’s a runway, and speak like no one else knows what they’re talking about. Your seemingly typical generational, conforming non-conformists, hipsters don leather belts on jeans already too small for them, and wear turquoise-shell Ray-Bans that annoyingly nuzzle their thick heads. Scrutinize or glorify
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Berkeley High student shot on way to school

A 17-year-old Berkeley High School student was shot on the way to school by a gunman on a bicycle around 8:15 a.m. Thursday. The boy was shot near the intersection of Lowell and Market streets in North Oakland, the Oakland Tribune reports. The student is currently stable, according to an
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Berkeley city clerk found dead in her home

Berkeley City Clerk Deanna Despain was found dead in her Oakland home early Saturday morning, according to police. 37-year-old Despain was discovered by her husband at about 2 a.m., according to Johanna Watson, spokesperson for the Oakland Police Department. Despain had apparently fallen down a flight of stairs but the
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Rent board committee discusses how to make multifamily units more energy efficient

The city of Berkeley’s housing staff are working toward making multifamily housing more energy efficient and implementing a mandatory recycling measure throughout the city. At a Rent Stabilization Board’s Safe and Sustainable Housing Committee meeting Thursday night, members discussed the latest draft of the city’s multifamily energy efficiency project, which
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The Bright Side

Colors erupting onto train cars and empty walls fill in his block letters, boldly pushing the words beyond the two-dimensional surface. This daring image identifies Optimist as the Bay Area-based tagger, painter, writer, graffiti artist. But last Saturday, October 8th, he tamed his after-hours wild style, moving his art indoors,
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