One last hallelujah: A tribute to Leonard Cohen

Editor’s note: And so it goes — yet another musical legend has died in 2016. Leonard Cohen died last Thursday at the age of 82. Even in the moments leading up to his death, he had an uncanny, transcendent self-awareness. You Want it Darker, his 14th and last album, was released with
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A tribute worthy of Prince

Prince wasn’t supposed to leave so soon. He wasn’t ethereal or otherworldly like Bowie. He was distinctly human. The prevailing joke that got passed around on Twitter when he passed (ahem) was of the petty shade and side-eye he threw at lesser beings in the constellation of celebrities he was
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Community member, deacon Christian Sheppard dies at 24

Christian Sheppard, a lifelong Berkeley resident, died Oct. 6 at 24. He will be remembered as a friend of the community, a lover of sports and music, and a devoted father to his two young daughters. Sheppard was fatally shot on the 1600 block of Russell Street in South Berkeley and was
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Maya Angelou: remembering the caged bird’s song

It was in a seventh-grade classroom in South Central Los Angeles that I was first introduced to Maya Angelou. I still remember how the words constructed lyrical melodies that bounced like notes, luring the reader to read it as a dance. Every piece of Angelou’s work carries a certain rhythm
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Remembering Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born March 6, 1927 in Aracataca, Colombia. His mother could see his wings, light green and as tenebrous as those of a luna moth, but no one else could see them yet. When he was very old, his wings were enormous, and people could see them
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